Behavioral Health EMR

Behavioral Health EMR, with its built in scheduling function, is a software application developed to provide streamlined delivery of an organization’s clinic or facility-based behavioral health operations. The application has a proven record of reliability, efficiency and effectiveness. Supporting clinical documentation from intake to discharge, HarrisLOGIC's EMR software meets today’s demands and regulations for evidence-based practices in assessment, treatment and outcomes management. Easy-to-use dashboards and exports produce detailed quality reviews and ad hoc reports.

  • Referral and intake documentation
  • Service eligibility
  • Evaluation and diagnosis
  • Treatment plans
  • Progress notes
  • Medication management
  • Scheduling
  • Service authorization tracking
  • Update summaries
  • Discharge

HarrisLOGIC’s EMR is browser-based so users can connect to their behavioral healthcare records from any device with an internet connection. The EMR is designed to meet the clinical documentation, billing, authorization management, reporting and data sharing needs of psychiatrists, psychologists, advanced nurse practitioners, social workers, counselors, nurses, substance abuse counselors and case managers in hospitals, residential facilities, jails, clinics, private practices and telehealth settings.

Core Benefits of Behavioral Health EMR

  • Robust IT platform designed for the multi-disciplinary behavioral health organization
  • Concurrent documentation on any device with Internet service
  • Integration at the patient, functional workgroup, agency, delivery system and data sharing levels
  • Enables execution of best practices, supervision and quality management
  • Facilitates reporting of daily and/or monthly production metrics, access times and clinical outcomes
  • Supports new EDI creation and communication with other systems, such as EMRs, payer systems, data warehouses and Health Information Exchanges (HIEs)
  • Improved efficiency, outcome reporting and participation in information exchanges


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Features and Functionality

  • Intuitive interface promotes ease of use and lessens the new user learning curve
  • Accessible from most browser-based devices - tablets, laptops and desktops
  • Delegation of multiple user roles with differential privileges to meet organizational needs
  • Built-in scheduling and billing systems, reports, dashboards and quality supervision management tools
  • Multiple views from which to create ad hoc reports
  • Draws feeds from and creates feeds to various federal, state, payer, provider and information exchange networks
  • Self-service tools allow an administrative user to manage drop downs, checkboxes and other information fields as data capture needs change over time